How Much Does a Used Transmission Cost? (Pros Tips On Buying)

how much does a used transmission cost

When it comes to replacing a transmission in your vehicle, you may be tempted to opt for a used transmission to save on costs. However, it is crucial to understand the various factors that may influence the overall price and the potential risks associated with purchasing a used transmission.

On average a used transmission will cost between $800 to $1,500. However, a rebuilt transmission will cost you from $2,000 to $3,500, depending on the complexity of the rebuild, and a remanufactured transmission will vary from $1300 to $3,400, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information, including the costs, pros, and cons of buying a used transmission, as well as alternative solutions and tips for making the best decision for your vehicle.

Understanding Used Transmissions

A used transmission is a previously installed transmission that has been removed from a vehicle and is now available for sale. These transmissions are typically sourced from salvage yards or junkyards, where vehicles with usable parts are dismantled and sold to consumers.

The primary advantage of purchasing a used transmission is the potential cost savings compared to a new or remanufactured transmission. However, the condition, mileage, and reliability of a used transmission can vary significantly, making it a riskier option for some vehicle owners.

Consumer Warning: Beware of Fake Mileages and Online Brokers

Many online sellers and brokers advertise used transmissions with low mileage, but these claims may not be accurate.

Some brokers use the same mileage for a specific engine or transmission model that they advertised and sold months ago, meaning the mileage may be fake. Additionally, online brokers may not have these transmissions in stock and will search for one at a junkyard after you place an order, resulting in uncertainty regarding the actual condition and mileage of the transmission you receive.

To avoid scams, it is recommended to:

  • Avoid online brokers
  • Buy local
  • Purchase used transmissions through a local auto repair shop or a licensed salvage yard

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Used Transmission

The cost of a used transmission depends on multiple factors, including the make, model, and age of the vehicle, as well as the availability of the specific transmission type. Here are some key factors that can impact the price of a used transmission:

Vehicle Make and Model

The make and model of your vehicle play a significant role in determining the cost of a used transmission. Luxury and high-end vehicles may have more expensive transmissions, while more affordable vehicles may have cheaper transmission prices.

Additionally, manual transmissions are often more cost-effective to replace than automatic ones.

Transmission Source

The source of the used transmission can also impact the price. Purchasing directly from a local or in-state licensed salvage yard is generally more cost-effective than buying through an online broker, who may charge a markup for their services.

Warranty Coverage

Used transmissions purchased from a salvage yard or repair shop may come with a limited warranty, typically ranging from 30 days to 6 months. However, this warranty may not cover additional labor charges for re-installation if the transmission fails within the warranty period.

It is essential to consider the warranty coverage when comparing the costs of used transmissions.

Shipping and Labor Costs

If you purchase a used transmission from an out-of-state salvage yard, shipping costs may add to the overall price. Additionally, labor costs for the installation of the used transmission will vary depending on the repair shop and the complexity of the installation process.

It is essential to factor in these costs when determining the total cost of a used transmission.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Transmission

Before deciding to purchase a used transmission, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons associated with this option.


  • Cost savings: Buying a used transmission can be more affordable than purchasing a new or remanufactured transmission, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Availability: Used transmissions are often readily available, especially if sourced from a local salvage yard or repair shop.
  • Environmental benefits: Purchasing a used transmission can be an eco-friendly option, as it helps to reduce waste and conserve resources that would otherwise be used in the production of new transmissions.


  • Uncertain condition: The condition of a used transmission can be difficult to determine, as the internal components may have experienced varying levels of wear and tear.
  • Limited warranty coverage: Used transmissions often come with limited warranty coverage, which may not include labor costs for re-installation if the transmission fails.
  • Risk of scams: As previously mentioned, some online brokers may advertise used transmissions with fake mileages, and it may be challenging to verify the actual condition and mileage of the transmission you receive.
  • Potentially higher long-term costs: If a used transmission fails shortly after installation, the costs of the replacement and additional labor fees can quickly add up, potentially exceeding the cost of a new or remanufactured transmission.

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Alternatives to Used Transmissions

If you are hesitant about purchasing a used transmission due to the potential risks and uncertainties, there are alternative options to consider, such as rebuilding or replacing your transmission with a remanufactured unit.

Rebuilding a Transmission

Rebuilding a transmission involves disassembling the unit, inspecting and cleaning all components, replacing any worn or damaged parts, and reassembling the transmission.

This process can be labor-intensive and should be performed by a transmission specialist. Rebuilding a transmission can cost approximately half the price of a full replacement, with prices ranging from $2000 to $3,500, depending on the complexity of the rebuild.

Remanufactured Transmissions

A remanufactured transmission is a unit that has been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled with new or reconditioned components to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications.

Remanufactured transmissions typically come with a more extensive warranty than used transmissions and are generally considered a more reliable option.

The cost of a remanufactured transmission can range from $1300 to $3,400, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Tips for Buying a Used Transmission

If you decide to purchase a used transmission, here are some tips to help you make an informed decision and avoid potential scams:

  1. Buy local: Whenever possible, purchase a used transmission from a local auto repair shop or licensed salvage yard. This can help you save on shipping costs and make it easier to address any warranty issues that may arise.
  2. Verify the condition and mileage: Ask the seller for documentation or proof of the transmission’s condition and mileage. Be cautious of online brokers who may advertise fake mileages or misrepresent the condition of the used transmission.
  3. Check the warranty coverage: Ensure the used transmission comes with a warranty, and understand the terms and limitations of the warranty coverage. Be aware that labor costs for re-installation may not be covered if the transmission fails within the warranty period.
  4. Consult with a trusted mechanic: Before purchasing a used transmission, consult with a trusted mechanic or transmission specialist to discuss your options and ensure the used transmission is compatible with your vehicle.


While purchasing a used transmission can offer cost savings, it is essential to understand the potential risks and uncertainties associated with this option.

By considering the factors influencing the cost of a used transmission, weighing the pros and cons, and exploring alternative solutions, you can make an informed decision that best suits your vehicle and budget.

Always consult with a trusted mechanic or transmission specialist before purchasing a used transmission to ensure compatibility, quality, and reliability.

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