About Us

WeldingTroop.com is all about helping you cut to the chase and reveal what really matters when it comes to welding and metalworking.

We are experts at what we do. With more than 34 years of experience in the industry, we have more than a couple shortcuts, strategies, and bedrock principles you’ll want to know before you pick up a welding torch – and we hope you’ll stick around to learn more!

For the last couple of years we’ve been working together to create the ultimate resource for high-quality welding, something that newbies have experienced, metal movers and welders could get a lot out of.

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Here’s a bit more about us.

Basil Miguehe (Co-founder and Director of Operations)

I am a graduate with a Master´s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for several world-renowned companies across the United States, Europe, and Continental Tires in Germany.


I learned how to weld at a pretty young age and have been lucky enough to practice it over 16 years.

I started Weldingtroop.com to share what I learned to help other people save time and money on their own welding journey.


David Harper (Co-founder and Managing Content Editor)

I have been welding for 13+ years. Welding has always been a big part of my life, bouncing around from one welding shop to another across the United States – always looking for new projects, new responsibilities, and new opportunities to learn from even more experienced welders than me.

Along the way I’ve been able to pick up some pretty cool skills, some time-honored lessons, and plenty of experience that I hope to share with everyone here at Welding Troop.

I am a straight shooter and will tell you what you need to know to make the best welding machine purchase.

When I’m not running myself ragged welding at work (or on any one of the dozens of pet projects I’m always juggling at once) I love to grab my bike and go out for a ride with my best friend John Muranko.

By the way, John also runs a blog about all things bikes. You can see his website Probikecorner.com here

Trail riding off the beaten path and down mountain courses is always good to restart my system!

Mike Gilmour (Author and Editor)

Though my hands-on welding experience is a little bit lighter than other members of the team, I do have years and years of professional writing and editing experience.

This has been huge to help put our welding ideas and concepts down on paper and easily shareable with others.

My past as a freelance writer has exposed me all kinds of ideas, all kinds of projects, and all kinds of disciplines. Research was always a big piece of the puzzle for all of mine passed writing projects.

Those research skills have proved to be invaluable with my work on the Welding Troop team. It helps me really dive deeper into the “why” behind so much of the lessons we are teaching here.

In my down time I absolutely love to pick up some paint and set to work on a canvas, letting myself create friendly. I’m also a huge fan of traveling around the country in RVs – you can check out my RV lifestyle blog over at RVandPlaya.com!

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