8 Best Welding Tables (Reviews + Helpful Guide)


Are you looking for the best welding tables out there? Look no more we got you covered.

You can’t just use any old table to do it. For one thing, if it isn’t able to stand the heat, congratulations — you’ve just introduced a major fire hazard into your house!

As you can see, what began as a simple quest for a table has already morphed into something far more complex.

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use a welding table.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

In a Rush? Here you can find our Overall #1 Rated Pick.

The Miller Portable ArcStation Workbench is the best welding table.

Top Choice
ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29x29

+ Overall height- 48" folded and 35" unfolded

+ Overall depth- 6" folded

+ Load capacity- 500 lbs

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

👉 Purchase: I really like the Miller Portable ArcStation Workbench. It’s not terribly expensive but gets amazing reviews.

If you are interested in this, then just follow the link to Amazon where you can see current pricing.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes a good welding table and how you can choose which one is right for you.

Top 8 Best Welding Tables

Short on time? Take a look at my top 8 Best welding tables:

1. Miller Portable ArcStation Workbench

2. Strong Hand Tools Nomad Portable Welding Table (TS3020)

3. Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

4. Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation

5. Rhino Cart (Table + 66 pc. Fixture Kit)

6. Adjustable Steel Welding Table

7. Champ Welder’s Table

8. Metal Man FWTD Deluxe Folding Weld Table

Welding Table 101

So let’s start at the very beginning. What exactly constitutes a welding table? As demonstrated above, this isn’t nearly as easy as simply plopping a welding tool on a table.

They are typically made from steel while still being insulated in such a way as to prevent overheating.

These kinds of tables are especially important for helping spare people the pain of having to bend over to work in uncomfortable positions while they weld.

You naturally don’t want to have to do that, which is why it is essential that you weld with a welding table that allows you to maintain proper posture.

You don’t want to crawl around on the floor of your garage, especially when holding a heavy piece of machinery or a hot welding torch.

Welding tables allow you to forego all that and weld in dignity and comfort.

With the basics established, let’s take a closer look at some of the best welding tables available.

How Do I Choose A Welding Table?

Choosing a welding table depends on various factors such as workspace, project, budget, and personal preferences.

A good welding table should be sturdy, comfortable, and able to handle the heat.

The height of the welding table should also be considered to avoid back pain and adjustable variable-height benches are recommended. When selecting a welding table, it is crucial to read reviews and research the product before purchasing it to ensure it can handle the heat and has good extra features.

Additionally, considerations such as dimensions, materials, portability, weight capacity, and budget should be taken into account.

Lastly, it is essential to place the welding table in a well-ventilated area of a facility, preferably away from other personnel to prevent accidental exposure to fumes and gases.

1. Miller Portable ArcStation 29×29 Workbench

Top Choice
ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29x29

+ Overall height- 48" folded and 35" unfolded

+ Overall depth- 6" folded

+ Load capacity- 500 lbs

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

✔️ Here we have a table that likes to give away much of its identity and selling point in the name itself. This table measures 29”x 29” and by weighing in at around 74 pounds, it is also pretty lightweight and portable.

The price point of around $460 is more than some of the truly budget options on this list but still isn’t nearly as high as the other Miller, making this a fair middle- ground option.

✔️ The legs of the table are pretty sturdy and stable. At 500 pounds, it is able to bear a heavy enough load to hold many heavier welders and materials, though it is still too lightweight for the true behemoths.

 That being said, it does not have a tilting function.

On the other hand, the slots are nice, though they are arranged in an intersecting “X-shaped” fashion rather than as parallel lines.

2. Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table (TS3020)

Best Value
Strong Hand Tools,TS3020, Welding Table

+ Three 1. 1″ (28mm) slots in the tabletop allow for insertion of clamps to reach any point on the table.

+ Tabletop tilts to three positions: Horizontal, 30°, and folded for mobility.

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

This option takes a very different approach, emphasizing lightweight style and portability.

Where the Miller weighs in at over 318 pounds, this model is merely 30 pounds. If those are the most important features to you, this may well be the table for you.

It is also quite lightweight at around $160.

✔️ This option may be small and light but it is still sturdy enough to carry 350 pounds.

You can adjust part of the axis of the table to around 90 degrees and the model comes with 1” clamps, far smaller than you’ll find on other tables.

The table itself, meanwhile, measures around 30”x 20” and has an adjustable height of 26” to 32”, giving you a bit of wiggle room.

You get what you pay for and this is hardly the most stable table listed here.

Even so, it may well be the most portable so if that or a budget table is what you really need, this may be the option for you.

3. Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

+ 4mm thick, fixed position steel top with 2mm thick steel frame handles a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

+ Standard 16mm holes are evenly spaced 2in. apart for exceptional flexibility in fixture setup

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

At just under $500, this model is about middle of the road price-wise. It is also about middle of the road with its 26”x24” size and the same is true for its height of 34”.

It does come with 63” clamping holes so if that is of major concern to you, this may be a fair option to consider.

✔️ This is a very basic table. On the one hand, that makes it easy to use; however, on the other hand, we don’t generally pay $500 for basic tables, do we?

The height is somewhat adjustable and it is good at what it offers. It is on the lightweight side at around 72 pounds. That said, the table also tends to get dirty quite easily.

 As long as your expectations are properly set, you can get a lot out of this table.

4. Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation

Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation

+ Item Weight0.16 ounces

+ Product Dimensions6 x 1 x 1 inches

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

As the top pick on this list, this option from Miller comes with a lot of expectations. Thankfully, it does an admirable job of living up to them as it is able to host welders and metal that is being welded for a variety of purposes.

Whether you’re looking to weld something big or small, professionally or for a hobby, this option from Miller is a solid choice.

✔️ That said, that solidity comes at a hefty price, namely the actual heft of the unit itself. This table tips the scales at 318 pounds, easily one of the heaviest options on our list and definitely disqualifying it from any kind of portability consideration.

Once you set this table in place, you’d better be sure that you like where it is because moving it again is sure to be a schlep.

It does have caster wheels to make the job easier but it’s still going to be quite a challenge.

✔️ That said, once you do have it in place, you should be in pretty good shape. This option from Miller has the largest surface area of any option on this list at 60”x30”.

It is 35” high so you shouldn’t have to hunch over. Even better, however, is the fact that this unit has an absolutely fantastic load capacity of 1000 pounds.

It also has a ton of hangers and drawers to make your welding jobs that much easier.

❌ Unfortunately, that massive size and heavy weight also matches the heavy price of over $4300.

That said, if a model can be said to be more than worth that and truly rank among the best welding tables, this is it.

5. Rhino Cart Welding Table

Rhino Cart (Table + 66 pc. Fixture Kit)

+ Reversible Tabletop:5/8" steel plate reversible tabletop with nitrided black oxide protective finish for wear, rust, and weld spatter resistance.

+ CNC Hole Pattern: Accurately position parts in CNC precision bored 5/8" dia. holes in 2" x 2" spacing pattern

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

This table is way on the expensive side at over $2600. That’s a lot, and some would argue too much to pay for a table.

However, this model is at least on the heavy-duty side by being able to bear 1500 pounds.

✔️ Other than that, however, it is actually a pretty standard table with standard clips, legs, and everything else. It is on the larger side at 48”x30” with a height of 36”.

You actually get a 66-piece clamping kit if you ever wanted to go into extreme detail with your clamping in order to hold down intricate pieces. That said, it still weighs 400 pounds.

6. Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Once again we have a pretty basic title that gives away a lot of what’s at stake here with this table, namely that it is steel-based and easy to adjust. It measures 39”x24”x5”, which puts it slightly on the higher end of our spectrum.

✔️ The surface itself is zinc-plated, making it very easy to resist rust, which is a huge plus. If you are looking for a model that offers easy maintenance, this may well be the option for you.

What’s more, at just under $60, this is another budget option, especially when compared to some of the four-figure tables listed here.

The table is also highly adjustable, allowing you to tilt and arrange it in five different positions according to how you want to weld. It only has four table slots, though.

7. Champ Welder’s Table

✔️ This is a pretty straightforward circular table. On the one hand, you may well be wondering why you can’t just make a table such as that yourself and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a table ready-made, this is a pretty decent option.

It is on the taller side at around 37.5” with a table diameter of 24” while weighing 112 pounds. As you can see, it is far smaller than the Miller.

✔️ That being said, there are no fixture points, which are a major strike against it. However, there is still a torch loop, which is nice and convenient even if it is not large enough to handle larger projects.

The circular design does offer a 360-degree working option and it does come with caster wheels.

✔️ If you are looking for a cheap, lightweight one under $200 on which to get started, this may be a fair option.

8. Metal Man FWTD Deluxe Weld Table

This is a very basic table that is designed to provide you with a quick foldable table for portable welding. At 47 pounds, this is definitely one of the more portable options on this list so that checks out.

This is aided by the fact the unit also includes foldable legs. The 26”x20” surface should provide you with enough space to work with while still being small enough to fold up and take with you.

✔️ This option also comes with a removable debris tray so if you wanted to make it easier to get rid of the debris that can build up while you’re working on a table, this is it.

The table itself is highly sturdy and features a solid powder-coat finish that makes the model even more durable than many of the options on this list.

Pair that with a wire grate design and a sub-$200 price, and it’s easy to view this option as one of the most underrated choices on this list.

What to Look for in a Welding Table (and How to Use it)

Now that we have established the basic elements of a welding table, let’s take things to the next level and review what you should look for in the ideal model.

First and foremost, you need to choose the size of your welder. This is likely to depend a great deal on just how big of a welding project you wish to take on.

Needless to say, the bigger the project, the bigger the welder you can expect to need.

Just how big are we talking about? For welding with larger metal pieces of the type that you’ll typically need for most medium to large-size projects, you will want a welding table that is at least four feet long.

Ideally, you may even wish it to be longer so as to give yourself more room. That said, you also need this to fit into your welding space so make sure that you have enough space to fit your welding table before you purchase it.

Smaller tables will typically be two to three feet long, though, again, this should only be employed for smaller-scale welding projects.

It is also worth considering that larger tables tend to be harder to move. If portability is a big issue for you, then smaller welding tables are likely the way to go.

In addition, you also want to make sure that you are choosing options that can aid with the welding process itself.

This typically means finding welding tables that can hold the item you are welding in place while you weld it so it does not slide around.

Clamps and magnets as well as similar options can help achieve this and are a standard option in many leading tables today. Many tables are also coated in a protective barrier to help prevent rust from building up.

Make sure that you always use a welding table that comes from a trustworthy manufacturer. The last thing that you want or need is the table collapsing on you in the middle of a weld.

Maybe you plan on taking your welder with you to do some welding on the road, in which case you’ll need a portable welding table.

As mentioned, this likely means looking for an option that is on the smaller side. However, it also means looking for a welding table that has foldable legs.

Fixed legs, by contrast, are just as they sound – table legs that stay fixed in place and thus do not allow you to neatly store the table in the back or trunk of your vehicle as necessary.

Some extra things to keep in mind when working with welding tables:

👉 Make sure that you have it raised to a height at which you can comfortably weld so you don’t have to strain your back or move awkwardly as you weld; after all, that’s what you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

👉 You should always make sure that you are using personal protective equipment when welding.

A good welding table will often offer a storage space for gloves and other equipment or, at the very least, offer more than enough surface area for both these as well as the welder and metal being welded.

👉 We’ll get into weight limits as we go through the different tables. For now, however, suffice it to say that you definitely don’t want to overtax your welding table.

If a table is designed to safely hold 250 pounds, don’t think that you can “get away with” putting 300 pounds’ worth on it.

What’s more, you need to bear in mind both the weight of the metal you are using as well as that of the unit.

👉 Make sure that you keep any and all flammable objects clear of the area. The last thing you want to do is accidentally set something on fire.

While steel is not easily flammable (one of the reasons why it is used in many welding tables) it can still conduct heat so don’t put anything flammable on it while it is hot.

To be safe, you really should not have anything flammable in the area at all if possible.

👉 Make sure that you maintain a clean welding table free of dust, rust, chemicals, and other pollutants. Clean your table regularly.

👉 Always make sure you have a full fire extinguisher on hand just in case you need to use it.

👉 Always make sure that the area in which you are welding is properly ventilated.

If you are welding indoors, make sure that you keep a door or window open or otherwise ventilate the area so as to avoid a buildup of fumes, which can be flammable and dangerous to breathe in.

Best Welding Table FAQs

Now that we have reviewed the eight welding tables for your consideration, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions that consumers typically ask when searching for a welding table.

1. What Features Should I Consider When Selecting a Welding Table?

We have already touched upon what you should look for in a welding table, so let’s reframe the question a bit: what should you yourself look for when searching for a welding table?

That is naturally going to depend a lot more on what kind of welding work you want to do and what you expect out of the table.

The heavier the welding, the more you’ll need to look for a unit that can handle heavier loads. Conversely, if you are looking to head out on the road a lot, “heavy” is the last thing you want; you’ll instead want to turn your attention to the options listed here that offer an easier carrying potential.

If clamping things in place is especially important to you, then you’ll want to find a model that has a lot of clamps or at least boasts high-quality ones.

You probably don’t want to deal with a lot of dirt or rust on your table so finding tables that are resistant to those factors and that can be cleaned easily is another easy choice.

Foldable tables with non-fixed legs are a must for anyone looking to take their model on the road with them.

Then there is the price. As you can see, there is a huge variety here, from not even $100 to well over $2500. That being said, while we’ve already repeated the time-honored edict that you get what you pay for, this should not be taken as an undefeatable maxim.

After all, you aren’t buying a welder here, “just” a table. Do you really need to spend $2500 on that? The answer might very well be yes, especially if you are a professional looking to weld heavy pieces.

That said, if you are a hobbyist, are looking to do some DIY work, are a beginner, or simply don’t want to spend more on a table than you might on a welder itself, you may want to consider some of the other more affordable options on this list.

2. Should I Buy a Welding Table or Should I Make One for Myself?

Given that question, it is also quite easy to fall into thinking that you should simply make a table for yourself.

However, unless you’re a fantastic welder who can already make a professional-grade table by yourself (which would be as rare as it would be impressive), chances are that you want to purchase something that has been professionally made.

The last thing you want or need is the table slipping during the welding process and burning you or setting your studio ablaze.

Four figures may be a lot but if you can find a table for less than that and aren’t already a professional welder who can make practically anything out of metal, chances are you’re going to want to buy a table that has already been structurally reinforced and is ready to bear the weight you put on it.

3. Is a Welding Table Made Using Wood Worth Purchasing?

We have already talked about why a wood-based table is a bad idea; honestly, it isn’t hard to see how “Wood Plus Hot Welder” isn’t a concept that should negate itself as a bad one.

Maybe if you want to feature some wooden paneling for decoration or have the wood far away from the welder itself, you may be able to incorporate it into the table.

That said, chances are good that you do not want to take the risk of having the wood anywhere near the welder itself.

4. How Do I Keep My Welding Table from Rusting?

You definitely do not want to purchase a table for all that money and then have it rust on you. Keeping it away from moisture is obviously a good start towards preventing that from happening. Moisture and metal are a recipe for rust and disaster.

As such, you do not want to leave your welding table outside. If you live somewhere where it rains frequently, it should be pretty obvious why this is a bad idea.

If the climate is humid, you once again have to deal with a lot of moisture in the air.

Even if neither of these things are true and you live in a hot, arid climate such as, say, Arizona, you may still have to deal with everything from morning dew to incidental showers to simply the wear and tear that comes from exposing your table to the elements.

You also want to do everything in your power to try to avoid scratching the table.

Be careful when you put the welder and tools on it. For the sake of both the tool as well as the table, don’t just chuck metal on metal and think that things will turn out okay.

They may for the time being but those scratches build up over time and can lead to deleterious consequences down the road.

You may want to look at metal that has a protective coating such as powder coating, zinc, or something similar.

Make sure that you clean the table regularly with soap and water and dry it completely to ensure that no moisture is left over afterwards. Add metal conditioner afterwards to make sure that the table remains in good condition

5. How Do I Keep My Stainless Steel Weld from Rusting?

If you are looking to get a table that will give you the best chance of avoiding the rigors mentioned here, you may well want to go with a stainless steel option.

This type of metal, more than most others that are involved in welding, is naturally resistant to rusting.

What if you are welding and the table or stainless steel that you are welding on the table starts to rust? Chances are that either oxidation or too much heat is the culprit.

You will want to take steps to try to prevent either scenario. Thankfully, these steps are likely to be the same – avoid exposing your metal to the elements and work in a climate-controlled environment.

This can help ensure that your metal is not prematurely exposed to the air and thus rust, and that it likewise is not exposed to too much external heat.

You should also be careful about how much heat you are applying to the weld itself. Don’t overdo it.

6. Is it Possible for Me to Get a Portable Welding Table?

Since we’ve already mentioned not just that you can get a portable table but what you should look for in one and which tables on this list are the most portable, you can probably already guess the answer here.

Even so, it is worth remembering that this is a balancing act because you ideally want your welding table to be able to support enough weight so as to allow you to finish all your welding projects.

That means being able to support both welds as well as the welders and anything else that you might keep on them. This may be hundreds of pounds.

On the other hand, maybe you have a lightweight welder or a lightweight piece of metal and don’t need a table that strong that day.

Even so, you are bound to need a sturdier table at some point. As such, it is often wiser to invest in tables with a higher carrying capacity.

However, this can make them less portable as these tend to be heavier.

One thing you can do across the board to increase your table’s portability is make sure that it does not have fixed legs.

Unless you feel like strapping your table upright to the back of a flatbed truck, having foldable legs is essential for any portable table.

Getting a proper welding table is both very easy and very difficult. On the one hand, it’s not as though you are dealing with the complexities of electricity and arcs and everything that makes a welder so intricate.

It’s “just” a table. On the other hand, of course, it isn’t “just” a table as you need to be absolutely certain that the table you choose can stand up to the pressure.

The first Miller table listed here is of the highest quality and several of the lighter ones offer good portability.

That being said, any of the tables on this list have their place within certain welding setups. It is up to you to figure out which setup, and thus which table, works for you.

By examining the different tables with their distinct pros and cons, you can find the option that allows you to weld as you wish.

How Do You Ground a Welding Table?

To ground a welding table, you need to connect a wire to a ground rod or an already-grounded structure like a metal shop building. This is important to provide actual earth grounding for the welding circuit as relying on the grounded power plug of the welder alone is not sufficient.

A freestanding welding table cannot be considered as the ground in a welding circuit, as it acts as part of the welding circuit and needs a separate ground connection. Grounding is achieved through a ground clamp including any material that can conduct electricity efficiently and is driven into the ground.

The American National Standards Institute emphasizes the importance of grounding workpieces and other conductive equipment to limit the voltage to ground and prevent accidental shocks.

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