Can You Use Car Wax On House Windows? (Here Is Why)

Can You Use Car Wax On House Windows

Do you know if you can use car wax on house windows? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

As you are no doubt aware, there are a variety of wax products for vehicles on the market. These products claim that they can make your car windows sparkling clean.

So, can you use these products on your house windows? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Can You Use Car Wax On House Windows?

We are going to assume that you are asking whether your traditional windshield and car window wax can be used on your house windows here. The answer is; yes. However, vehicle polishing wax cannot.

The wax designed for sprucing up the various windows on your vehicle doesn’t actually contain wax at all.

Yep. Even if the product has wax in the name e.g. turtle wax, there won’t be a single bit of wax inside of that product.

You wouldn’t want to put actual wax onto your house windows. It would smudge them, and it wouldn’t look too good.

However, you would have absolutely no issues putting standard car window cleaning wax on your house windows, and there may actually be a few benefits to doing so.

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The Benefit Of Wax On Your House Windows

Obviously, waxing your house windows isn’t going to have the same sort of benefit that you would be enjoying if you decided to apply car wax to the windows of your vehicle.

After all, there are no windshield wipers that are going to be moving more fluidly on the window when you apply that wax. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits.

Applying wax to your windows isn’t just about keeping them clean. It helps to repel water from them. This means that if you apply wax to your home windows, you will notice that the water just bounces off. This can help to prevent condensation on your windows.

It can also help to prevent the water from dripping into wooden window frames, which can cause rot.

Essentially, when you are applying wax to your house windows, you are helping to protect your windows from the elements.

It makes it easier to keep them nice and clean and, even on a rainy day, you should have absolutely no issues looking outside of that window and enjoying the view!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Car Wax On Your House Windows

Well, it is expensive. Car wax tends to be more expensive than typical window cleaning wax. This is because it will have those extra bits and pieces in there designed to help your windshield wipers move a little bit smoother. It will also help to protect them.

Since car windows are often putting up with a lot more than a typical house window, they are often going to be overkill for home windows.

Remember, car windows are going to be a whole lot smaller than the windows on your home. If you are waxing the windows in your home, then you may need a couple of bottles of the stuff, which really adds to the costs.

Now, by all means, you can use car wax on your house windows. A lot of people do. However, do bear in mind that it is going to be much more expensive than just picking up standard house window wax.

You can use a little bit if you want, but if you are going to be doing all of your windows, there really are far better waxes out there.

Can You Use Household Window Wax On Your Car?

We suppose that you can, although we wouldn’t really recommend it.

As we have said several times on this page, one of the jobs of the wax on your vehicle’s windows is to allow the windshield wipers to move a little bit smoother.

The wax will also add an extra layer of protection here. This is fantastic and it is just what you want. Of course, window wax for your home isn’t going to do the same job. In fact, it may make the windshield wipers work a little bit harder.

Now, by all means, you can wax the side windows of your vehicle with standard window wax. A lot of people do. However, if you are going to be waxing either of the windshields on your vehicle, then use wax that has been designed for the job.

We promise you; it is going to make your life a whole lot easier. 

How To Apply Car Wax To Your House Windows

Applying car wax to your house windows isn’t all that different from applying it to your vehicle. So, make sure that you read the instructions on the bottle of your vehicle’s car wax. However, it is likely to follow this process:

Start by cleaning the windows. You do not want there to be a speck of dirt on them. You can use any window cleaning product for this.

Make sure that the window is completely dry, so this isn’t something that you want to be doing when there is the threat of rain.

You can now apply the car wax evenly to the window using a microfiber cloth. Make sure that you cover every single part of the window.

You don’t need a thick layer. You just need a small amount to get protection from the elements.

After this, just wait for the wax to dry. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours. 


You can use car wax on house windows, although make sure that it is only wax designed for the windows of your vehicle.

You shouldn’t be using bodywork wax on your house windows. That won’t end well.

That being said, it may not always be the best idea to use car wax on your house windows. Sure, it will help to get them nice and clean.

It will help to protect your windows from the elements, but car wax tends to be a lot more expensive than standard window wax so, wherever possible, use standard window wax on your home.


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