How Much Does Firestone Charge for an Oil Change?

How Much Does Firestone Charge for an Oil Change

Do you know how much Firestone charges for an oil change or what is the oil change cost at Firestone? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Oil changes are necessary to keep your car running in good condition, but there are so many options when it comes to servicing your vehicle. Firestone offers oil changes for a reasonable price.

An oil change at Firestone can cost around $25 to $30 for standard oil with synthetic oil changes costing more.

In this article, we will cover the basics of what Firestone charges for an oil change including factors affecting cost, possible discounts, and price comparisons with competitors.

We will also review what is covered with an oil change, what brand of oil Firestone uses, and more.

What Factors into the Cost of an Oil Change at Firestone?

The reason why all oil change prices are not the same has to do with the different variables that are factored into the cost of an oil change.

At Firestone, they take into account several different factors including the volume of oil your car requires, what type of oil and oil filter you use in your car, and how old your vehicle is.

Some vehicles’ engines have a larger oil capacity than others, so naturally, these bigger cars would be charged a higher price.

Conventional oil changes are the most inexpensive kind of oil change and the most common. Synthetic and synthetic blend oils offer a better-quality oil for your car and longer oil life; however, they are more expensive.

Older vehicles and those that have reached high mileage may also be charged more than a conventional oil change since these may require specialized oil to keep the engines running smoothly.

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Can I Get a Discount on an Oil Change at Firestone?

If you don’t want to pay full price for an oil change at Firestone, you might not have to. Firestone has plenty of coupons available to download and print off from their website.

Alternatively, you can access them from your phone to scan without having to print anything. Generally, they will have deals such as $10 off a synthetic oil change or $15 off a diesel oil change.

Sometimes their coupons will even offer a gift card to be used at a later date if you purchase a certain type of oil brand for your oil change.

Like most other auto care centers, they may run special deals and sales around holidays or during times when they know many people will be looking to prepare their cars for travel.

If you are an active-duty member of the military, retired military, or veteran, you can receive a 10% discount off your Firestone oil change by asking for the service member discount.

You may need to show a military ID or proof of service such as a digital DD-214, but most times, they will take your word for it.

How Do I Schedule an Oil Change at Firestone?

There are a couple of ways to schedule an oil change at Firestone. If you are already at the auto care center for another purpose or oil change, you can schedule your next oil change with the receptionist.

Alternatively, you could call up your nearest Firestone location and speak with their receptionist over the phone to schedule your next oil change appointment.

Perhaps, the simplest way to schedule a Firestone oil change is by visiting their website.

Firestone has a convenient self-scheduling service that takes seconds to complete so that you can set up your appointment and carry on with the rest of your day without hassle.

Cost of an Oil Change at Firestone Compare to Competitors

Firestone’s oil change prices may seem reasonable, but are they the cheapest service in town? Plenty of other auto care centers provide oil changes including Walmart, Valvoline, and Jiffy Lube.

Compared to these other competitors, Firestone seems to be one of the cheapest options for oil changes.

Firestone offers conventional oil changes starting at $25 while all of these other three places start at $30. For synthetic oil changes, Firestone still seems to be the most reasonably priced starting at $50 for the service.

Walmart and Valvoline also price their synthetic oil changes around $50, while Jiffy Lube’s starts at $60.

While Walmart and Firestone typically top out their common oil change services at $50 with a synthetic oil change, Jiffy Lube offers some specialized oil changes for as high as $75 and Valvoline for as much as $90.

Overall, Firestone is probably the cheapest oil change you can get aside from possibly changing it yourself.

What Is Involved with an Oil Change at Firestone?

At Firestone, when you pay for an oil change, you get more than just the flushing of your engine’s old oil and the replacement with new oil.

Firestone will also replace your oil filter to extend the life of the oil in your engine and ensure that your car’s engine is working properly.

The Firestone technicians will also inspect other filters on your car such as the air filter and cabin filter to make sure those don’t need to be replaced as well.

They will check your car’s battery, the brake lights, headlights, and turn signals to make sure everything is still in working order.

At Firestone, the technicians will check your tire pressure and pump them up if they need more air. Additionally, they will inspect the windshield wipers that make sure the blades are still fully functional and top off any other necessary fluids like brake fluid and antifreeze.

Can I Get an Oil Change at Firestone for My Diesel Vehicle?

Firestone not only services vehicles that take conventional and synthetic oils but also diesel engines as well.

A diesel oil change comes with the same top-quality service and additional inspections and top-offs that a conventional or synthetic oil change would. Diesel oil changes typically tend to be more expensive than other oil changes due to the nature of diesel prices by comparison.

However, depending on how you drive your diesel vehicle, you may not need to have an oil change as often as a gas-powered car.

Diesel engines tend to accumulate debris and gunk when the vehicle is driven at a slow speed or resides in a colder climate.

On the other hand, diesel vehicles that are regularly at high speeds, such as on a highway, and kept in warmer climates do not require oil changes as often.

Check your owner’s manual to see how often to change your diesel vehicle’s oil but know that Firestone can accommodate your needs.

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What Oil Brands Does Firestone Use for Oil Changes?

Along with guaranteeing quality service, Firestone wants to offer only the best materials when it comes to changing the oil in your car.

Along with top brand oil filters and other car maintenance accessories, Firestone carries and uses the best name brands in oil when replacing the fluid in your vehicle’s engine.

For conventional oil changes, Firestone prefers to use Quaker State motor oil. Quaker State is a company that can boast over eighty years of experience in the motor oil business and is trusted by many top auto care facilities such as Firestone.

For synthetic oil changes, Pennzoil and Shell Rotella has several options when it comes to full synthetic or synthetic blends.

Both are fantastic products which offer you a choice in quality and price. Additionally, Pennzoil carries a high mileage oil and Shell Rotella has a diesel engine oil specifically tailored for these types of vehicles.

Oil Change Price FAQs

How Long Does an Oil Change Take at Firestone?

An oil change at Firestone typically takes about thirty minutes which includes all the extra services of checking your vehicle’s battery, lights, other fluids, etc.

While other auto care places may boast fifteen minute oil changes, Firestone wants to ensure that their technicians take the time and care they need to give you the best service possible.

Depending on whether or not you schedule your appointment ahead of time, you may also have to factor in your wait time. Scheduled appointments can be seen right away while drive-ups may have to wait for a little while to be seen.

However, even during their busiest times of day, week, and year, Firestone guarantees quality service and a reasonable service time that should take far less than an hour out of your day.

Can I Bring My Own Oil and Filter to Firestone?

Firestone will not allow you to bring your own oil and filter to their facility to get an oil change. In fact, most auto care places don’t, so Firestone is not unusual in their policy.

However, Firestone carries the top brands of oil such as Pennzoil, Shell Rotella, and Quaker State that they will use for your vehicle according to the type of oil change you need.

Additionally, if you have old oil that you need to get rid of but don’t know where to take it, Firestone will happily take it off your hands.

Firestone regularly recycles oil and can take of recycling your old oil whether they performed your oil change, or you did it yourself.

If you want to bring your own oil and filter to Firestone for an oil change, consider changing your oil yourself so that you don’t have to pay for labor.

Otherwise, paying for an oil change from Firestone will make the cost of labor, oil, and filter far more affordable as a package deal.

How Often Does Firestone Recommend I Get an Oil Change?

Most gas powered cars require an oil change every three thousand miles depending on how much you drive your car, how old it is, how many miles it has, and what type of engine it has.

Cars that have synthetic oil can usually last a bit longer between oil changes, closer to five thousand miles.

Climate can also affect how often you need to change your oil. Dry, dusty environments can gunk up your car’s engine much faster than clear climates so you may need to change your oil more often.

It is important to regularly change the oil in your car because the oil is what keeps your vehicle’s engine lubricated.

Without fresh oil every so often, the engine can become clogged up by debris and dirt that accumulates and eventually stall out.

To avoid this, have your oil changed by a professional at Firestone every three to five thousand miles.

Does Firestone Do Oil Changes on Sunday?

Some auto care places are closed at least one day of the week, most often Sundays, so it can be difficult to schedule an oil change for your car.

However, Firestone is open seven days a week which means you can get your car’s oil changed any day including Sundays.

Firestone understands that it can be a struggle for its customers to make time in their busy work schedules to get an oil change during the week and the thought of scheduling on a Saturday with everyone else can be daunting.

Being open on Sunday allows more customers to be serviced at Firestone which means less waiting time for you.

However, like most businesses that are open on Sunday, most Firestone locations will have shortened hours by opening later in the morning and closing earlier in the evening.

Make sure you check ahead of time to make sure your local Firestone is open before you head in for an oil change.


Among other services, Firestone offers oil changes for its customers that are fairly priced between $25 and $50.

Compared to its competition, Firestone is one of the cheapest places to get an oil change for either conventional or synthetic oil.

Firestone can also accommodate diesel engine oil changes and high mileage requirements.

Firestone prides itself on using the best brands of oil including Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Shell Rotella.

You can easily schedule an oil change appointment with Firestone by phone or online and they are open seven days a week for service.  


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