How Much Does Valvoline Charge For An Oil Change?

How Much Does Valvoline Charge For An Oil Change

Do you know how much Valvoline charges for an oil change or how much an oil change costs at Valvoline? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Have you ever wondered: How much does Valvoline charge for an oil change? Well, this is the perfect place to find the answer.

We all know that we should be changing the oil in our cars more often than we do, but not knowing how much you’re going to get charged often leads to us putting it off time and time again.

Valvoline generally charges between $40 and $80 for an oil change, depending on the type of oil that you choose and whether or not you need any additional quarts.

Why Does the Price of an Oil Change Vary at Valvoline?

Although changing your vehicle’s oil can seem like a straightforward process that should be essentially the same service every time, the cost will depend on a few factors.

You will pay more or less for an oil change at Valvoline depending on the type of oil that you put in and the number of quarts that are required for your engine. Additionally, not every Valvoline location will have the exact same pricing, and the cost of the service can change over time.

The most significant factor that will affect the amount that you end up paying will be the type of oil, as there are more expensive “premium” options that you can choose, and diesel motor oil costs more on average.

When it comes to quantity, most engines need a similar amount of oil, which would be covered by the standard fee, but some require additional quarts to run smoothly.

Larger vehicles, with bigger engines, typically need more oil for lubrication.

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What’s the Average Price Range for an Oil Change at Valvoline?

Even though there will be a variety of options for you to choose from, and each location might have slight differences in their pricing, there is an average cost that you will usually be paying at the till.

On average, the cost of an oil change at Valvoline is between $39.99 and $59.99. If you opt for more expensive types of motor oil, that price can go up to $89.99, and there may be an additional charge for extra quarts if your engine needs more oil.

Compared to other options on the market, you get a very competitive price at Valvoline, and the service comes with a lot more than you might expect.

To find out the exact prices that are currently on offer at any individual location, you can simply get in touch and ask.

What Types of Oil Does Valvoline Offer?

As with most places that offer oil changes, Valvoline has a full selection that should suit almost any vehicle and almost any need, but each one does come with a slightly different price tag.

The options that you have for motor oil at Valvoline include:

Oil TypeNameNotesPrice For 5 Quarts Oil Change
Everyday ProtectionValvoline Conventional Good for everyday driving$39.99
Advanced ProtectionMaxLife Synthetic BlendAdvanced protection that fights leaks, deposits, sludge, and friction$59.99
NextGen MaxLifeSame benefits as Maxlife Synthetic Blend plus eco-friendly, made with 50% recycled oil$59.99
Ultimate ProtectionFull Synthetic MaxLifeHighest level of protection$79.99
Diesel Motor OilPremium BlueAdvanced protection$59.99
Premium Blue ExtremeHighest level of protection$79.99

What Type of Oil Do I Need?

The kind of motor oil that you put in your vehicle is not always a personal choice, so you may end up needing to pay a little extra for a more expensive option.

It can depend on the make and model of your vehicle, and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you don’t know the exact kind of oil that is best suited to your car, don’t worry. At Valvoline, they will always go through the options with you and let you know what is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If you’re unsure whether one type of oil or another will do the job, all you have to do is ask.

How Much Does Extra Oil Cost At Valvoline?

The standard price listed above for each type of motor oil is for up to 5 quarts of new oil. This is enough for most vehicles, but some might need a little bit more.

If you do require additional quarts, then there will be an extra fee, which will depend on the type of oil that you are getting.

The cost of each additional quart of oil at Valvoline is as follows:

  • Valvoline Conventional: $4.99
  • MaxLife Synthetic Blend: $6.99
  • NextGen MaxLife: $6.99
  • Premium Blue: $6.99
  • Full Synthetic MaxLife: $8.99
  • Premium Blue Extreme: $8.99

Keep in mind that the extra charge is not a single cost for going over the 5 quarts that comes with the standard service, you will pay that cost for each additional quart that you put in.

How Much Oil Does My Engine Need?

At the end of the day, the number of quarts of oil that your vehicle will need depends on how large the engine is. Smaller engines require less oil for overall lubrication, whereas larger engines require more oil.

For the majority of vehicles, around 5 quarts is enough. Although it is not a strict rule, you can look at the number of cylinders that your engine has to see if you will need more than that.

  • A 4-cylinder engine usually needs 5 quarts of motor oil
  • A 6-cylinder engine usually needs around 6 quarts of motor oil
  • An 8-cylinder engine usually needs between 5 and 8 quarts of motor oil, depending on the size

You won’t need to tell the engineers at Valvoline how much to replace – they will do that for you – but it’s always a good idea to know beforehand whether you are likely to incur a charge for additional quarts.

If you want to be sure before you turn up for your oil change, then you can check the owner’s manual for your vehicle, which should tell you exactly how many quarts of oil the engine will need.

What Do You Get When You Have Your Oil Changed at Valvoline?

One of the biggest benefits of getting your oil changed at Valvoline isn’t necessarily the price tag, although it is competitive for the industry.

You also get a lot for that money, and considerably more than you would expect from other locations.

When you get your oil changed at Valvoline, you get:

  • Up to 5 quarts
  • A new oil filter
  • Lubrication of chassis components according to the specifications of your vehicle.

On top of that, you can expect a pretty extensive list of service checks, all included in the price. Valvoline will check your:

  • Fluid in Automatic Transmissions
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Washer fluid
  • Antifreeze/coolant
  • Tire Pressure
  • Air Filter
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Wiper Blades
  • Vehicle lights
  • Battery

Not every location will carry out the full list of checks, and some locations may give you more than the standard 5 quarts of motor oil with the service.

How Often Does Your Oil Need Changing?

So, knowing the price that you can expect to pay at Valvoline certainly makes the whole idea of getting your oil changed a little bit less intimidating, but when do you actually need to get it done?

Well, older engines are usually recommended to get their oil changed about every three months or every 3000 miles. More modern engines, however, can last for up to 7500 or 10000 miles before they need a change.

Generally speaking, you should probably be looking to get your oil changed around every 5000 miles, or twice per year if you are not driving far enough on a regular basis to hit that number.

It’s not an exact science, however, and there are a few factors that will affect how regularly you will need to take your car in for fresh oil.

  • The age of the vehicle. Older vehicles will need to have their oil changed more regularly. If your car is more than ten years old, you should probably be taking it in for an oil change every 3000 miles.
  • The type of oil you use. One of the benefits of the more expensive motor oil options is that you can often go longer before needing a change again. Some full-synthetic motor oils can keep you going for up to 15000 miles.
  • The conditions that you drive in. The way that you drive your car can cause you to need more regular oil changes. Taking primarily very short trips, driving with heavy loads, lots of braking, and driving in hot or dusty climates will mean that you will need to get your oil changed more often.

The manual for your vehicle should give you more specific details that are relevant to your make and model.

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Can You Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil?

You might be looking at the cost of an oil change and wondering whether it’s an expense that you need to fork over at all.

Can you simply change the oil in your vehicle yourself to save a little on the service charge?

In reality, changing the oil in your own car is a relatively straightforward job, and if you have the tools and are happy to get a little dirt on your hands, then you can definitely do it yourself.

To change your engine’s oil yourself, you will need:

  • 5 to 8 quarts of motor oil
  • A funnel
  • An oil-filter wrench
  • Gloves
  • A five-gallon or larger tray or bucket
  • A car jack and stand (recommended)
  • A new filter (recommended)

You can find out the type of motor oil that is best for your vehicle, and how much you will need, by consulting the manual.

How To Change Your Motor Oil

When it comes to the actual oil change, the steps are relatively simple.

  1. Lift up the vehicle so that you can work underneath it. Make sure that it is stable on a stand, hoist, or ramp, and completely safe. You can get underneath some vehicles without lifting them, but it makes the job a lot more complicated.
  2. Remove any undertray or cover that may be obstructing the oil pan and filter. (Check for signs of oil leaks at this point, and consult a mechanic if you find any)
  3. Place a large tray or bucket under the drain plug and loosen it with the wrench. Allow the engine to drain for five minutes, or until the oil has almost completely stopped flowing.
  4. Unscrew the old filter, allow the excess to drain, and then install a new filter, making sure to replace the old gasket with a fresh one.
  5. Replace and tighten the drain plug.
  6. Reinstall the undertray or cover and lower the vehicle.
  7. Pour new oil into the oil tank using a funnel. Wait a few minutes for the oil to circulate and then check the level with the dipstick. Top up if you need.
  8. Finally, start the vehicle, let it warm up, and then check for any leaks.

Valvoline Oil Change Prices FAQs

Do I need to get out of my car to get my oil changed at Valvoline?

If you are just getting your oil changed, then you can wait inside your vehicle while the service is being carried out.

The only service that Valvoline offers which requires you to get out of your car is a tire rotation, because the vehicle needs to be lifted.

How long does an oil change take at Valvoline?

Generally speaking, it takes around 15 minutes to complete an oil change at Valvoline, and you rarely have to wait long before the service can take place.

There is a reason that they advertise it as an “instant oil change”.

Do Valvoline locations have a waiting room?

If you do find yourself waiting around a little longer than expected, most Valvoline locations do have a waiting room, although you are generally welcome to wait inside your car.


So, how much does Valvoline charge for an oil change? Well, it depends on which type of motor oil you choose and how much your vehicle needs, but you can expect to pay between $40 and $80 altogether.

The standard fee comes with 5 quarts of oil, a new filter, lubrication of the chassis, and a whole series of service checks as well.

The whole process takes around 15 minutes, and you don’t even need to get out of your car.

It’s a very good price all told but you can also change the oil in your vehicle yourself.


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