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Skilled trades, welding included, doesn’t discriminate against gender or physique. With more and more women becoming welders, one question frequently comes up.

Can a small woman be a welder? Yes, If you enjoy what you’re doing, you can do anything you put your mind to! However, you must go through an intensive training program and acquire the necessary welding skills.

If you enjoy what you’re doing, you can do anything you put your mind to!

Can a Small Woman Be a Welder?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, big or small, welding can be a stressful and challenging job. Going from location to the next, you’ll rarely find two jobs that are the same.

But this is where the perks of being a small woman unfold. Women are naturally equipped with a better intrinsic ability to handle jobs that need skilled hands. They also have better hand-eye coordination.

Add to that the benefit of having a small physique, and the possibilities are endless.

For one, you won’t have much trouble with the legroom. You can climb up, around, and over job sites with ease.

Women are becoming an integral part of the welding industry. It’s a field that’s facing a shortage of labor.

At the same time, it’s opening up a wide variety of job opportunities for women. Plus, it offers a starting pay that’s nearly double than that of other fields.

Slowly, but surely, they’re eradicating the stigma of women working ‘non-traditional’ male-dominated jobs.

The Backstory

The welding industry has been around for hundreds of years. Women weren’t allowed to be a part of it for the most part.

Then, when men were drafted in WWII, women were happy to step up and fill the void.

The percentage of women in the welding industry soared to 25%. Now, it’s barely passed the 5% mark.

Women have been making a slow comeback in the last couple of decades. Employers are recognizing the need for skilled female workers.

At the same time, society is starting to accept women working in different skilled trades. People are realizing that it’s okay for women to be a delicate and loving mother, yet a tough and independent worker.

Breaking Barriers: Female Welders >> Check out the video below:

The Benefits of Welding

Women are also becoming aware of the benefits of working as welders. The pay is good, and there are many opportunities to travel and work in new exciting locations.

Plus, after honing your skills with the proper training, you can earn extra certifications to work your way up the ladder.

Welding is one of those industries where you can be responsible for many things, or you can specialize in one specific field. It’s up to you.

And like we said, the welding industry pays really well. Starting with basic certification, the minimum hourly wage is around $15. That’s double the $7.25/hour specified by the government.

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As you gain experience, and higher certifications, hourly wages can increase to around $25/hour.

Safety First

When most of us think of welding, we conjure up an image of a dark, dingy shop with lots of cigarette smoke and greasy spare parts lying around. But that stereotype couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Today’s technology and modern tools have reshaped the whole world of welding. Now, welding shops are clean, smoke-free, and a lot safer.

They’re well-lit to boost productivity. Most welding shops are equipped with robotic equipment to help with heavy and difficult tasks.

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