Does Advance Auto Buy Old Batteries? (Battery recycling + More)

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Do you know if Advance Auto buy old batteries? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Old car batteries dead and no longer used are creating a headache for many people who just have no idea what to do with them. Everyone knows that many landfills are their final destination, which is a lousy option.

So, we want to answer the question does Advance Auto buy old batteries?

In the simplest terms, yes Advance Auto buy old batteries. But they will not give you cash in return for the old car battery, instead, you will be given a gift card.

But there are also some other facts and information you should be aware of before you head to the nearest Advance Auto location with your old car battery.

Does Advance Auto buy old batteries?

Advance Auto does not explicitly buy old car batteries, in the sense that they give you money in return for your old battery.

But they do have an exchange/reward program in which they offer gift cards in return for old car batteries.

Whether you have bought your battery from one of their stores, or at some other place, once it is dead or you do not need it anymore, you can exchange it for a $10 gift card.

But there are some other limits you should know about.

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Does Advance Auto offer cash for old batteries?

No, Advance Auto does not offer cash for old batteries. Instead, they will give you a $10 gift card, which is an equal or better offer than other large auto parts retailers offer in their battery recycling schemes.

In some states, you can get even a higher bounty for your old battery. And that is because some states and local governments have their own programs for rewarding car battery recycling.

Because Advance Auto has a very large selection of automotive products, this is an offer as good as money anyway.

When you are in need of any parts or products for your vehicle, you will certainly find them here.

But don’t just jump from your couch and take your old battery to the nearest store, as there are some limits.

Can you return old batteries to Advance Auto at any location?

You can take your old car battery to almost any Advance Auto location, but not to all of them. The thing to understand is that it is a type of battery recycling scheme, and as such, it falls under state and local regulations.

And, batteries do contain some hazardous components, and their disposal is regulated in many places. States such as Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina; have laws on their books that prevent this program in them.

But many local ordinances in other states prevent old batteries return. So, you should always first call your nearest Advance Auto store, before you pick up the old battery to return there.

Does Advance Auto buy all old batteries?

Advance Auto will buy almost all old car batteries, but some types they will not. The first selection criterion is that they are interested only in automotive batteries.

After all, they are in the business of automotive parts and products.

If you have a bunch of household batteries, power tools, lawn and garden, etc. forget about returning them. Only cars, golf carts, and marine batteries are accepted, which include deep-cycle batteries found in RVs.

You should also be aware that they do not accept lithium batteries of any kind. Things like hybrid car battery packs are not accepted.

Such batteries require a very special way of recycling, something that Advance Auto is not able to do.

When should you bring an old battery to Advance Auto?

Replacing a car battery falls under routine maintenance of your vehicle. Something you should be doing on a regular basis.

And the best answer to the question of when you should bring an old battery to Advance Auto is as soon as you have an unwanted or unneeded car battery.

In other words, when you are replacing them. General advice is to do it every three to five years because anyway, their life span is that much.

But as a matter of principle, when you have a battery, you do not need, you should exchange it for the battery bounty at the Advance Auto location.

Why should you bring an old battery to Advance Auto?

Besides the battery bounty, which is $10 in most states and higher in some, there are a couple more reasons to bring it to Advance Auto.

The first thing you should have in mind is that dead car batteries are something you will want to get rid of, and reasons to do it at Advance Auto are:

  • safety, 
  • and environment.


Car batteries contain lead and sulphuric acid, and they are both a health hazard and need to be disposed of in a certain manner.

The acid can burn your skin if spilled on you, so it’s better to leave it to properly geared-up and trained professionals at Advance Auto.

While handling car batteries is safe, opening and spilling out their content by inexperienced and without the proper equipment can be a safety hazard.


Landfills are a big problem in modern society, especially because of the many toxic materials that are deposited in them.

Among those are car batteries, so returning them at Advance Auto is good for the environment. But, it also has a dual benefit, as those batteries will be recycled.

Battery recycling also decreases the need for mining lead and sulfur, which very often produce contamination of agricultural lands.

What happens with old batteries at Advanced Auto?

When you turn in your old car battery at Advance Auto, they are first transported to their regional distribution centers.

From there, in huge batches, they are transported to the Clarios Recycling Center, where the raw materials are extracted from them.

That raw material is then used in Clarios battery factory for producing new batteries sold in Advance Auto retail stores.


That should be everything there is to know about does Advance Auto buy old batteries. But to recap, they don’t offer cash rewards, instead, offer battery bounty in the form of $10 gift cards that you can spend in their stores.

They accept only automotive batteries, including those from golf carts, and marine and RV batteries.

In some states, due to legal limits, they are not able to run this recycling reward scheme, while in some other states battery bounties are higher.


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