7 Best Multi-Process Welders – Top Picks & Buying Guide


Are you looking for the best multi-process welders out there? Look no more we got you covered.

Some of the most popular welders on the market today are combo options that feature two or more different types of welding attachments, allowing you to weld in different styles.

So what makes these items such a great buy, which are the best ones on the market, and what should you look for when browsing among the best multi process welder options out there?’

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use multi process welders.

Short on time? Take a look at my top 7 Best multi-process welders:

1. Lincoln MIG 210

2. Everlast Power MTS 211Si 110v/220v

3. Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC

4. Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

5. ESAB EMP215IC 120/230-Volt

6. Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter MultiProcess Welders

7. Vulcan OmniPro220 Multi-Process Welder

Best Multi Process Welder Under $1000: Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

In a Rush? Here you can find our Overall #1 Rated Pick.

The Lincoln MIG 210 is the best multi-process welder.

Premium Pick
Lincoln Power MIG 210

+ Very easy to use

+ Runs MIG, TIG, flux core & stick

+ Dual 120/240 volt input

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

Purchase: I really like the Lincoln MIG 210. It’s not terribly expensive but gets amazing reviews. If you are interested in this, then just follow the link to Amazon where you can see current pricing.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes a good multi-process welder, and which one is right for you.

1. Lincoln MIG 210

Premium Pick
Lincoln Power MIG 210

+ Very easy to use

+ Runs MIG, TIG, flux core & stick

+ Dual 120/240 volt input

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

✔️ Let’s begin with the fact that this option from Lincoln is made from high-quality materials. This is not a welder that will break or dent easily.

What’s more, the unit is just around 40 lbs – not the lightest welder you’ll ever find by far, but not too heavy for a combo option.

These two facts taken together mean that this option from Lincoln is one of the better portable options on our list.

✔️ You can use it with a wide range of welding options. MIG, TIG, Stick, Flux Core – you get them all with this incredibly comprehensive welder.

The only slight catch to that is you cannot do TIG welding of aluminum, as this model does not have an AC output that would allow a TIG welder to do that.

However, it already comes with a MIG welder that will allow you to do aluminum welding anyway, and it is one of the best MIG welders for that purpose.

While other models make use of Teflon sleeves and rollers that can be used with aluminum welding, this kit instead makes use of soft wire, which is less restrictive.

This model has dual input options at 120v and 230v, so you can use it both in home setups for the former setup and additional battery power options when you want to crank up the power.

✔️ That being said, you’d better already know how to use a unit like this, because the instruction manual isn’t the clearest.

Even so, the layout of the different functions on this machine is very clear and easy to discern.

If you already have some welding experience and are familiar with the different functions, you should be able to identify what’s located where on this model relatively easily.

This model has a maximum output of 200 amps, and a 25% duty cycle at that amperage level. It also comes with 10’ leads and measures 14” x 10.75” x 19”.

❌ Another strike against this unit being used as a beginner option – the price tag, which sits at more than $1,800.

Of course, you’re getting four different types of welders and a wide range of welding abilities for that price, all packaged together in a durable, user-friendly unit.

As such, while it’s pricey, that price is definitely worth it if you have enough know-how to use this unit to its full potential.

2. Best Multi Process Welder For Aluminum: Everlast Power MTS 211Si 110v/220v

Best Value
Everlast Power MTS 211Si 110v/220v

+ MIG/TIG/Stick

+ High-frequency lift start

+ Dual 120 volt/240 volt input power

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

While it may not quite offer the same wide range of features as the Lincoln listed above, this option from Everlast is nevertheless a venerable one, due in no small part to the fact that it’s more affordable at around $1,250.

On the other hand, while it may be less of a burden on your wallet, it definitely won’t feel lighter in your arms.

At a whopping 80 lbs, this behemoth definitely isn’t a portable option, so once you get it set up in your work area you’d better like where it is, lest you have to undergo the strain of schlepping it elsewhere.

✔️ That said, it runs at a slightly higher amperage than the Lincoln at 210 amps, and has a 35% duty cycle. It measures 25” x 19” x 16” with 10’ and 12’ leads.

✔️ You get both MIG and TIG welding options with this option. Given the fact that those two options allow you to weld most metals, that’s always a preferable combo.

What’s more, this model comes with a foot pedal for the TIG welding, which is always a huge plus. Foot pedals help regulate the TIG welding process, but not every kit comes with them, so it’s great to see one included here.

On the other hand, it does not have an AC TIG option for aluminum.

What’s more, the welder itself is made from high-quality highly-durable materials, so it definitely doesn’t feel inexpensive despite its (comparatively) less expensive price.

❌ Once again we’re plagued by an unclear operating manual, and this one is arguably even more cryptic than the one for the Lincoln welder.

What’s more, it is a bit more cumbersome and a bit less intuitive than that option.

Even so, if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative that can still offer a wide range of welding possibilities, this is one of the best multi process welder options on the market.

3. Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC

Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC

+ Mig/Tig/Arc

+ Highly rated

+ Dual Voltage 220V/110V

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

✔️ As you can tell from the title, this multi process welder offers you 220v with AC and DC options. The ability to switch between the two settings is by far one of the best things about this model.

This opens up a wide range of welding possibilities, allowing you to weld different items. For example, the ability to switch from the more conventional AC to DC power can make it a lot easier to weld steel in a smoother fashion.

If this is one of the most important considerations you have in choosing a multi process welder, this model from Miller is definitely one to consider.

✔️ It has a maximum amperage of 230 amps, though a lower duty cycle at just 15%. This model measures 21.5” x 17.5” x 11.25” and comes with 10’ and 13’ spool guns.

In fact, it comes with quite a lot, including, yes, a foot pedal! Once again, this is a huge bonus as it can allow for a lot more control when working with TIG welding.

Many models offer a port for a foot welder but do not include it in the package itself, instead making purchasers buy it separately, so it’s great to see it included.

What’s more, the MIG and TIG welders can stay connected for added convenience.

Add to that the ability to switch between 110 and the aforementioned 220v options, and you have a model which offers quite a comprehensive welding package.

That said, it also costs a pretty penny – over $3,300 making the Lincoln look downright inexpensive by comparison and easily making it the most expensive option on this list.

What’s more, for everything it offers, it does not come with an aluminum spool gun.

✔️ That said, since it comes with so much, including options that you might otherwise have to buy separately with other models such as the aforementioned foot pedal, you might well get what you pay for, and get great quality at that.

4. Best Multi Process Welder For Home Use: Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

+ MULTI-PROCESS WELDER- 3 in 1 Stick Welder, MIG Welder and DC TIG Welder

+ Everything you need in one machine

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

✔️ One of the most renowned names on the welding market, Forney has won a place for itself in the hearts and on the shelves of welders everywhere.

That being said, this particular model is designed more for DIY and hobbyist purposes than the industrial or agricultural jobs made possible by the other models listed here.

This is not meant as a knock against the Forney 322 – it does what it was designed to do. Just don’t expect anything more.

✔️ Still, it being a Forney, you shouldn’t expect anything less than quality and that’s precisely what you get with this model, which features a sturdy shell and a lightweight design at 38 lbs.

Combine that with a size of 19” x 9.5” x 16.5”, and you have what’s easily one of the most portable options on this list.

That being said, it is by far the most low power, with just a 140 amperage output. It can run on 120v and 240v and features 10’ leads, and features a 20% duty cycle at 100 amps.

❌ As stated, this isn’t the kind of model that can handle big-time welding jobs or thicker metal. What’s more, this is another case of an inclusion where there’s a port for a tool but not the tool itself, as you must buy a TIG torch separately.

That said, this helps bring down the cost considerably, as this model is “only” around $800, making it the best all-around budget buy by far.

5. ESAB EMP215IC 120/230-Volt

ESAB 120/230-Volt MIG/TIG/Stick

+ Durable case

+ Easy-to-use digital screen

+ Machine determines complex settings

Check Today´s Price (Amazon.com)

✔️ Once again we have an option that gives away its power options right in the title.

You can enjoy both 120v and 230v options with this model, allowing you to work off your home’s power source as well as external batteries if you need more power.

This is one of the best choices for switching between these two power settings, so if that’s an important factor for you, the ESAB is definitely one to consider.

✔️ Like the Lincoln, it is 40 lbs, so not totally lightweight but still light enough as a multi process welder to be considered portable.

Adding to that is the fact that it’s compact, measuring 23” x 16” x 9”, and it has five handles around its heavy-duty carrying case, making it easy to transport.

If you are looking for a portable option among the welders listed here, this is one of the best to consider.

✔️ This model is also designed with agricultural field welding in mind, so if that’s your niche, this may be your model.

That said, while the outer casing is incredibly sturdy, the inner workings are more delicate and can be more easily jostled and disoriented.

✔️ The ESAB is another model that allows you to operate at 120v and 240v, the latter offering a bit of a higher voltage level than some of the other options on this list.

This model features a maximum amperage of 240 amps, with a 25% duty cycle when operating at 205 amps. However, the leads are incredibly short at just 6’.

What’s more, while we haven’t talked about feed rate so far, most of the other models on this list are fine in that regard, but this model has a much slower rate and cannot weld aluminum unless you buy additional parts or electrodes to complement its Stick welding capabilities.

✔️ This model is still one of the most affordable options on this list at just around $1,700. Just be aware that you get what you pay for.

Even so, if you’re looking to do agricultural welding or are looking for a decent portable unit, this model might well be worth the price.

6. Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter MultiProcess Welders

✔️ Here we have a lower-priced option that packs a surprising punch. It comes with a wide array of different attachments, and a very streamlined design.

The amperage is relatively set, for example, and you can only make minor changes. On the one hand, that’s great for beginners looking to learn on a new machine, but on the other hand, it also drastically limits the options of experienced welders.

As such, it should come as no surprise that this model is far more suitable for the former than the latter.

✔️ That’s backed up by the fact that this model comes with the lowest price, just under $700. For a multi process welder, that’s a bargain. It’s also very lightweight and compact at 30 lbs and 7” x 8.7” x 15”.

You get the usual 10’ and 13’ leads, and a maximum amperage of 200 amps with a duty cycle of 30% at that range.

✔️ All in all, this is a very limited but also compact and beginner-friendly option. You can’t expect too much, but this can still be a great machine to learn on and start to hone your welding skills.

7. Vulcan OmniPro220 Multi-Process Welder

It may be named for the Greco-Roman God for the Forge and not Mr. Spock, but that doesn’t mean this welding option from Vulcan isn’t a “logical” option.

Like the Forney 322, it is more designed for home usage, and has a higher peak of around 220 amps.

That being said, the Forney tends to be more consistent (even if this model isn’t bad) while the Vulcan is a few hundred dollars more at around $1,150.

✔️ What’s more, this model does not work with a traditional TIG torch, instead needing to be connected directly to a gas line rather than having it pass through the machine as is the case with most TIG welders.

The MIG welder is also weaker than the Forney’s. It’s also heavier, at 49 lbs, and is sized at 21” x 17” x 12”, so while it’s not impossible to move, it’s not as convenient as other models.

That said, you still get the usual 120v and 240v setup and 10’ leads.

✔️ Overall, this model is best left for those looking for a high-end hobbyist option rather than anything approaching professional-grade.

The Benefits of Multi Process Welders

Obviously the major benefit of multi process welders is that you get two or more different types of welders for the price of one.

Even so, just saying that merely scratches the surface of what’s possible with these fantastic welding options.

For example, having a combo welder allows you to learn on many different types of welders, or learn one type of welding and then switch to another type when you’re ready, and all without having to pay for a second welder.

What’s more, these welders are typically more complex, a result from having to account for so many different types of welding.

As a result, they are a great choice for those looking for welders that offer a wealth of options.

If you’re a beginner, a multi process welder lets you learn on different models and gain the experience you need to do MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux Core welding.

If you’re already experienced in one or more of those types of welding, you can learn the others while taking advantage of the advanced options made available to you.

Finally, these options allow you to weld all manner of different metals.

TIG is better at welding steel and MIG at aluminum, but with combo options, you don’t need to switch between machines but simply flip the switch, change nozzles, and work on different metals with the same welder.

A Quick Rundown of Different Welder Types

Having mentioned that combo welders can incorporate MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux Core, it is worth giving a quick rundown of each of these options.

MIG is perhaps the most well-rounded of the four. It is relatively easy to use, though you still need to use shielding gas.

It allows you to weld everything from softer metals such as aluminum to harder metals, and the machines are typically more streamlined than other options.

As such, they have something for everyone from beginners to experienced hands.

TIG welders, on the other hand, are typically reserved for the latter category.

They are typically more complicated, and they’re not usually given to beginners unless they are really committed to welding steel, as this is by far the best machine for the job.

In addition, TIG welding often produces some of the smoothest, finest finishes – if you can manage the complex controls.

Stick welding involves sticking the nozzle right up against the metal and shaping it that way. By contrast, MIG and TIG welding fire up an electrical arch and their nozzles do not make direct contact with the metal itself.

Finally, Flux Core welders are often used as a beginner option as they do not require shielding gas, making them easier and more affordable than other options, albeit more limited as well.

That said, the lack of gas also means they can be used outside, so if you’re looking to do some outdoor welding, you’ll want to look for a multi process welder that features a Flux Core option.

Best Multi-Process Welders FAQs

Let’s close out this page about multi process welders with answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about them!

1. What Is a Multi Welder?

Well, we’ve probably answered this by now, but for the record, a multi welder is a welder that has multiple welding nozzles and options allowing you to weld in different ways.

MIG and TIG welding are different styles and would typically require different welders, but with multi welders, you can do the type of welding allowed in the same machine.

2. Are Combo Welders Any Good?


Well, of course as with any product, it depends on the quality of the individual product.

Some combo welders are incredible, and others fizzle out, but on the whole, they’re truly electric options for the reasons given above.

They are great for being able to switch between two or more different kinds of welders or learn a second type of welding without having to buy a different welder.

3. Are ESAB Welders Any Good?

We discussed one above, and as you can see, these models are ideally suited for agricultural welding in particular.

They are also reasonably portable, and are in the middle of the pack pricewise. There are options that are far more powerful, of course, but the model reviewed here still offers quite a bit while remaining accessible and affordable.

4. Is There a Maximum Amperage/Voltage I Need?

No, but as you can see from this list, there’s a lot of variation in that regard. Check amperage/voltage input/output against what’s recommended for the task you’re trying to complete.

Read also: How Many Amps Do I Really Need for a MIG Welder?

5. Which Multi Welder Is Best?

That will naturally vary from person to person and job to job.

For beginners, the Forney 322 and Weldpro 200 are among the best.

For agricultural workers, the ESAB is quite solid.

For those looking for all-around quality, the Lincoln is top of the heap with the Everlast and Miller close behind.

No matter your needs, finding the right multi process welder can prove a winning combination.

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