Best Welding Schools In Florida (Best Classes!)


Have you ever wondered which schools in Florida Orlando offer a welding program? Welding is a great career choice with many opportunities. The salaries of welders are above the US average. If you start your own welding company, you can make more than six-figure profits per year.

Welding Schools In Florida – Orlando

In the following table you will find the best welding classes in Florida and the availability of the programs:

Welding Schools FloridaContactAccredited with
Tulsa Welding School – Jacksonville FL3500 Southside Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone:(888) 765-5555
pipe welding, blueprint reading, and welder certifications.
CDA Technical Institute – Maritime Welding Program91 Trout River Drive Jacksonville, FL 32208
Phone: (888) 974-2232 Free
welding, blueprint reading and AWS welder certifications, NCCER Rigging Certification, and OSHA Hazwopor Certification.
Atlantic Technical Center Welder Training Program4700 Coconut Creek Parkway Coconut Creek, Florida 33063
Phone: (754) 321-5100
advanced pipe welding, advanced blueprint reading and AWS welder certifications.
College of Central Florida Welding Program3001 SW College Rd, Ocala, FL 34474
Phone: (352) 854-2322 Ext 1515
pipe welding, blueprint reading and welder certifications.
Southern Technical College – Welding ProgramOrlando Campus: 1485 Florida Mall Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809
Phone:(407) 438-6000
Sanford Campus: 2910 S. Orlando Drive, Sanford, FL 32773
Phone:(407) 323-4141
pipe welding, blueprint reading, and welder certifications. This school offers an Associate of Science Degree in Welding Technology!
Mid Florida Tech Welder Training2900 West Oak Ridge Road Orlando, Florida 32809
Phone: (407) 251-6092
pipe welding, blueprint reading and welder certifications (AWS, ASME and API).
Washington-Holmes Technical Center 757 HOYT ST.
United States
Facility Representative:
pipe welding and blueprint reading.
First Coast Technical College2980 Collins Ave.
St. Augustine, FL 32084
United States
Facility Representative:
Mary Treeful
 (904) 547-3381
SMAW Welding
GMAW Welding
Flux Core Welding
GTAW Welding
Blueprint Reading
Cutting Skills
Light Fabrication Skills

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Here are a few common questions people often have about Welding Schools In Orlando:

How Do I Become a Welder in Florida?

Like with everything in life, there is more than one way to do the same thing — that fact also applies to being a welder in Florida (yep, shocker, right?).

Regardless, we are going to have a look at the 4 steps that people usually take to get started in the welding industry here:

Step #1: Degree or Similar

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a minimum requirement for welders is to have a high school diploma or similar. 

If you are still in high school at the moment, you are onto a winner! Make sure to take science, shop, and math classes so you can get used to some of the theoretical practices involved in welding.

For those who are super lucky, your school might offer welding tuition. If they do, take it!

Step #2: Welding Training Course

Some employers will be okay with training you on the job, however, more often than not they want to employ someone who has a formal training certificate.

Generally, these courses will cover things like:

  • SMAW
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Flux-cored arc welding
  • Structural welding
  • Aircraft welding
  • Pipe welding
  • Pipeline welding
  • Thin alloy welding

Step #3: Get a Welding Job

The best way to find welding jobs is to attend job fairs, network with other welders, look at job boards, and visit career websites. You’re better off doing this while you are still in school so you can get ahead of the rest.

Step #4: Gather Industry Certifications

These will drastically boost your earnings and offer more opportunities for you to progress in your career. You can never have enough industry certifications so go and put yourself out there!

How Long Is Welding School in Florida?

How long is welding school in Florida? No matter which welding school you attend in Florida, you should expect to be there for about 1 to 1 and a half years before you’re finished.

The courses tend to include both classroom and practical training so you learn as much as possible during this time. You will learn everything from welding techniques to health and safety and everything in between!

How Much Does Welding School Cost In Florida?

The cost of attending welding school in Orlando varies depending on the school, type of training, and length of the program. Typically, tuition fees start around $5,000 for courses lasting 3-7 months.

Additional expenses can include testing and application fees, housing and food costs, and equipment and book expenses. On average, purchasing welding equipment costs around $400. Trade education, which offers diplomas and certificate programs, is less expensive than college welding programs.

The Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville offers two programs, and the approximate cost of the Welding Technology program is $5,300 for courses plus $1,000 for books and gear/tools.

How Much Money Do Welders Make in Florida?

How much money do welders make in Florida? The average yearly income for a welder is $37,830. Of course, this changes depending on your seniority from $26,200 to $56,200 but generally, welders earn $37,830 in Florida.

To earn the highest salary here, you must stay up to date with the latest advancements in the industry. Trust us, you will be wanted by everyone if you do this.

You can find a load of certifications and courses to partake in from the American Welding Society which will boost your employability across the board.

We should also note here that your welder mate doesn’t necessarily make the same amount as you, even though you live in the same state. Different industries pay their welders more or less, depending on the importance and difficulty of the job.

With all that in mind, if you are looking to be super-rich while doing something you love, welding is the way to go.

If you get into the right industry (namely electrical and gas), you will be earning top dollar, regardless of the state you live in.

What Is The Best Certification For Welding?

The American Welding Society’s Certified Welder (CW) program is world-recognized as one of the best certifications to have in the welding industry. However, it is important to note that the best certification for welding depends on what you weld and which skills you have.

Other certifications such as AWS D1.1, 6G Pipe Welding, and Restricted Pipe Welding are also considered valuable by industry professionals. It is crucial to increase your skill set and pursue certifications that match your skill level.

Welding certifications are typically held using two methods: backing bar route and open root welding. Ultimately, having a welding certification helps prove the quality of one’s work and can lead to better job opportunities.

Does Tulsa Welding School Pay You?

Does Tusla Welding School pay you? In short, no, Tulsa Welding School does not pay you to participate in the diploma programs — they are teaching you a very lucrative trade, after all.

Having said this, you can qualify for financial aid, however, so this keeps the costs down either completely (scholarship) or partly.

Let’s take a look at the types of financial help you can get while you are attending Tulsa Welding School. Hopefully, this will give you an idea as to whether training here will be a good option for you.


You won’t ever need to pay scholarships back! Obviously, these are very hard to qualify for so it’s not an option for everyone but if you try and win, you’ll be better off for it.

Federal Grants

Since this is a grant you won’t need to pay it back if you finish your training program. However, if you switch from full to part-time, withdraw without completing, or you’ve qualified for a scholarship or other grant, you might have to pay this back in full.


While loans are incredibly useful to help you pay for your tuition costs in the beginning, you will have to pay them off (plus interest) for many years after.

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