Yes, There Are Female Welders – Percentage In the Welding Industry

Percentage of Females In the Welding Industry

More opportunities are opening up for women in the non-traditional work sector. Skilled trades are a bustling industry, and many women are pursuing it. Welding is at the top of this list. It’s one of the sought-after, in-demand, and vital skilled trades, especially for women.

Are there female welders and what is the percentage for females in the welding industry? Yes, there are female welders out there like Lena Dotson aka “Carmen electrode”, Pa´Trice Frazier, and Barbara Parsons aka “Barbie the welder”. In 2019, only 6% of welders were women. Now, 27% of the manufacturing vacancies are filled with women, while women welders make up a little over 6%.

below you can find a list of some famous female welders:

  • Lena Dotson
  • Eugenie Powell deas
  • Pa´Trice Frazier
  • Alexandra Ivelka
  • Barbara Parksons

I recently wrote an article on this subject, have a look at it.

Since there’s an increase in the numbers, albeit small, it’s a good time to take advantage of this promising job opportunity. You can easily find yourself in high demand, much more than with other fields.

The only problem you could have when you’re a female welder is deciding which job offer to accept.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a professional welding career, consider the following facts.

How Welders Operate

Welders work in an array of industries. There’s construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, and many others. These industries are constantly evolving and becoming more high-tech. Hence, the demand is on the rise for welders who are experienced.

Welders may be responsible for:

  • Engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Robotics
  • Managing facilities
  • Calculating and analyzing data
  • Inspecting hardware and software
  • Facilitating delivery services
  • Maintaining high-quality machinery
  • Working with cutting-edge computer systems

A Step Back in Time

Ever since Rosie the Riveter and Florence Joyce, women have been showing off their welding skills. During WWII, those people followed along with other women to fill up wartime labor shortages while the men were away at war.

This campaign gave women the opportunity to work in skilled trades to prove they can do a man’s job. Most of the time, they were even better at it than men. Women have a lighter touch and better hand-eye coordination.

After the war, men came back to their jobs and women went home. The welding industry went from having 25% of women workers to having 0%. It remained this way for many decades.

Then, with the dawning of the 21st century, the numbers started to increase once again.

How Women Welders Are Making Headway

The good news is that today, employers are hiring more female professional welders in the workplace.

One reason is that it helps balance out the gender diversity problem. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the percentage of women welders will grow by 3% by 2026. The second reason is that there’s a dire need to fill labor shortages.

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Join the Welding Community

With the proper training, you can hone your skills. There are several certification programs to help you grow in your profession.

You’ll get to enjoy many perks that don’t always present themselves in other industries. Some of these perks include flexible work hours, increased salaries, and travel opportunities.

Being a welder means you’re doing what you love. At the same time, you can help get rid of the outdated notions of what society calls ‘non-traditional’ jobs and make lots of money in the process.

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